The Magic of Ms Moon

Do you dance by the light of the moon?

Do you love to color, craft, weave, and breathe feminine magic, love, and spirit wisdom into the mundane?

Ms Moon is here for you!

Ms Moon is a publishing studio dedicated in service to The Mother. Our motto is to find your Self by losing yourself in mooniness. Mooniness is the dream-like state of being absorbed in the free-spirited love of the Divine Feminine; the Holy Spirit, Light of Heaven, and Great Wisdom of Being.

As we build our published offerings, it is our mission to provide you with entertainment and tools that inspire, uplift, and connect you to your Sacred Feminine and Divine Spirit.

What You Will Find Here:

Coloring books: Enjoy colorings books by Srimati Arya Moon: Down to Earth—discover the beauty of nature and the feminine mystery in this fun and feminine coloring book that includes illustrations of animals, feminine women, patterns, and beautiful nature scenes. Cosmic Wonders—heal and fall in love with the Masculine and Feminine through this sacred coloring book that possesses the healing frequency of Masculine/Feminine love. This gorgeous book takes you on a journey into the mystery of creation and the cosmos and the sacred dance of Masculine and Feminine spirit energy and essence.

Feminine Journals: My Moon Mood Journals featuring "My Moon Mood Feeling Alchemy Guide and Menstrual Journals", "My Moon Mood Planning Journal", and "My Moon Mood Yoni Steam Journal". 


About Ms Moon