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Srimati Arya Moon (Allison Carpenter) is a Divine Feminine artist, priestess, and writer who focuses on bringing Divine Femininity into her art and creations. Srimati received her arts degree from the Academy of Art University of San Francisco, where she studied fashion design, merchandising, and illustration.

Ever since Srimati was a young girl, she spent her time dreaming of otherworldly stories and received images of priestesses, magical women, and goddesses that came alive in her art and storytelling. It was her dream to create a publishing studio that's sole focus was on spreading the magical Feminine across the world, and thus Ms Moon Publishing was born.

Srimati creates art and conducts sacred ceremony professionally through her sacred business Srimati Arya Moon Art and Ceremony. To learn more about Srimati and to see more of her art, click the link below.

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Srimati's Sacred Feminine Art

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