Cosmic Wonders

Hard Cover Special Ed.

Illustrated by Srimati Arya 

Recommended for Ages 14+

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Cosmic Wonders Special Hard Cover Edition

Discover the beautiful art of Srimati Arya and dive deep into a coloring experience that will leave you inspired and transformed through hours of meditative coloring.

Journey into the mysterious, romantic world of Cosmic Wonders that takes you on a deep dive into the basic principal of Masculine and Feminine Union.

Explore the mystical cosmos in this coloring adventure; with 25 full illustration spreads, Cosmic Wonders will leave you with hours of fantastical and mystical coloring designed to bring you in touch with your soul essence.

Special Edition:

Hard, gloss cover
70# paper

Colored Introduction Pages

4 Bonus Mandalas

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Book Sample

Special Edition Bonus Mandalas

Cosmic Wonders Page View27.jpg
Cosmic Wonders Page View28.jpg

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