The Sacred Power of Destruction and Creation

Shakti/Shiva by unknown artist

Within each of us exists the power to create and destroy. Being in this material universe means that none of us are outside of this duality. In order to create anything, destruction is necessary. All of us are creators and destroyers. No process in nature is outside of this.

It is therefore important that, in order to establish a world of peace and love that nurtures the soul, we all, each of us, accept this fact. None of us are clean of bloodshed. None of us can wipe our hands of the destruction inherent in our beings; after all it comes from the same source, Shiva, the destroyer.

In India, this duality is called Shakti/Shiva; the creative destructive force of the universe. In order to create, we must destroy. One of the most valuable substances on our planet is created in the moment of a star’s destruction; gold bursts forth from the collapse of a star in the sublime super nova that instantaneously follows. The creation of planets is accomplished through a great and violent colliding of terrestrial objects, transformative heat, and culmination of gases orbiting a newborn a star. Everything we create on this Earth is done through the breaking down of organic and inorganic matter. Plants are grown in soil fertilized by the demise and waste of organic materials. In the ashes of a fire, a forest blooms and blossoms with new life.

Even mental processes of creating new thought patterns rely on the destruction of old ones. In order to form a new habit, death of an old habit must commence. Some call it transformative in order to break free of negative language, but this idea, too, is simply the destruction of thought. Creation. Destruction. Creation. Destruction. It occurs through a great cycle, dictated by Source energy through its feminine and masculine principles.

In the creation of an IPhone, people are harmed, the planet is fed noxious poisons and waste. We deny our hand in it by blaming the manufacturer, telling ourselves that we are simply consumers in the process. But it is by our consumption that creation is demanded, and by the law of the universe, destruction must commence. Sustenance comes from destruction. The chewing of a carrot breaks down organic cellular tissue to be utilized by the chewer for nourishment. Consumption and waste are byproducts of destruction and creation.

We would be fools to blind ourselves to this process. Everything that we have in modern society is defined by destruction, but we rarely focus on it. We choose instead to deny this inherit side of us. We deny and deny and deny until the Creative Mother Principle throws it in our face through karmic consequences. This shedding of light on the cycle helps us to understand the nature of it. We learn from it and derive from the sacred power, with the end purpose being to utilize it in a space of consciousness; in revered holiness. In this way, we can bypass the negative energy created in the moment of destruction.

In order for all of us to enjoy a prosperous and peaceful life, it is necessary for us to accept the law of creation and destruction. In order to enable the universe to sustain us, to accept the forms in which the great Mother nurtures us, we must accept that all of it comes through some process of destruction. We must acknowledge what was sacrificed and bring honor to that sacrifice in love and reverence. We cannot deny the destruction and the part we played in it, but we can make observation and see ourselves in it. We can seek for ways to minimize unnecessary destruction and its karmic entanglements that create harmful consequences. A harmonious future depends on it.

Right now, most of us choose to stay blind. We continually consume without thought of the destruction that comes from our constant desire to create and experience more. There is nothing wrong with creating, but when we deny the holy power of the combination of Shakti Shiva, we deny ourselves. Shakti/Shiva is inside of us; it is the sacred power given to us and governed by God in order to claim our Divine Heritage. The creative and destructive powers of Shakti/Shiva are just one aspect of their dance.

It is through the destruction of our egos that we create a connection to our true selves. When we die, our ego dies with us. Only the indestructible part of us moves on. In order to tap into the preserving principle that is outside of the karmic effects of creation and destruction, we must become one with the preserved element inside of us; the part of us that exists eternally in the here and now. Get to know that part of you and your life will flow peacefully with the Universal Flow. We can create Heaven on Earth. But first we must know the Eternal Heaven within ourselves.


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