Keys to the Universe: Identifying with Spirit

"I Know Spirit" Acrylic Painting by Srimati

Identifying with Spirit is the most important aspect of the Spiritual life. To identify with Spirit does not mean to simply acknowledge the existence of the soul. It is something much deeper and more profound than that. Identifying with Spirit happens when we remove our consciousness from ego-based to the omnipresent body of the Infinite I Am; the energy that is all pervading, ever present, and eternally non-changing.

In this powerful place, anything is possible. All limitations are removed and all future potentialities remain open. All attachments dissolve. All that exists in this place is love, and everything else that surrounds you is a part of that love. The material world becomes this love. You perceive everything in existence as love.

Spirit identification results in an ease in life; a mindfulness that is tranquil and goes with the flow of the universe rather than up against it and all of life. If we wish to witness lasting, positive change on this earth, we all must first go within and enter this heart space.

It is here—in the Spirit identified consciousness—that we can create powerful social and political transformation that will bring out the best in society. In any other consciousness, we are only generating more energetic entanglements—karma. To put this in perspective, this is the consciousness that Jesus advocated when he said “I and my Father are one.” It is the Christ consciousness—to identify with Spirit.

How can we identify with Spirit?

Physical creation is God manifest. It is Spirit manifest as physical matter. All bodies are Spirit manifest. In the yogic teachings it is described like this: when Spirit or the Universal Principle that is eternal, indestructible, without form and all pervasive—purusha—comes in contact with the primal motive force—prakriti—physical matter is created and manifested by the Father/Mother Spirit.

As manifestations of Spirit, we have been given individual identities. The point in an embodiment is to allow the ego identity to be in service to spirit; to consciously bring our awareness to Spirit in order to ascend into the highest point of eternity and infinity. To identify with Spirit, one needs to first understand that their body is not their body. We cannot take ownership of anything in this material creation because nothing is truly ours.

Come to know your body as “an embodiment of the Divine” and see all other manifestations the same way. By doing so, you acknowledge that all beings are a apart of each other, none elevated over the other, and belong to the same being—Spirit, God, the Universe, etc.

To identify with Spirit can simply be a choice in how you perceive the world and care for your experience of reality. It only becomes complicated with resistance. Let the resistance go and fall back into grace. Allow Spirit to become you. Be the grace and the love; be the observer. Surrender to the Infinite.

Identifying with Spirit is a key to the universe because it is the portal that opens one up to universes inside universes. The purer one’s consciousness of the Infinite, the more powerfully they can channel AND embody Spirit. This is the source of all miracles, joy, bliss, and love. It is IT; THE Place you want to be where your soul can rest in loving peace and eternal joy. It is quite literally Heaven and it can be a place you reside in on Earth if you allow it.

In love, Service, and Remembrance of Self,



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