Do Not Trust Atoms, They Make Up Everything. Freedom is the Nature of Spirit

Freedom: The Nature of Spirit

Freedom is the nature of Spirit. It cannot be bound or chained by any physical object or the material reality, nor can it be captured by the cloudy streams of thought stringing through our minds, forming complex webs of logic and reasoning. It cannot be explained by words; it is impossible, though many, including myself, have tried. After all, words themselves are like boxes, binding a feeling or object in the coarse frames of relative absolutism, and are therefore insufficient in fully grasping Spirit.

Yet here in this Earthly existence, we do our best to describe “it”. We have created rigid and imposing religions over it that tend to stifle more than liberate and often leave deep rooted seeds of tyranny towering over our minds. These roots often end up being “the thing” that needs clearing in order to fully access Spirit in its truest form.

Wars have been waged over it, pursued by those insisting on “it” being a certain way, rather than the true way it is. We have created art, music, and poetry in endeavors to materialize it. Almost all philosophical thoughts have revolved around attempting to explain it. Even science, with its logical reasoning, pushes to grasp the answer to the question in a concrete, visible, and quantitative way “where did we come from and where are we going?”

As an artist, I can relate to the ever persistent desire to rationalize and personify it. I often experience a deep yearning to express something within that is trying to get out. It is something that wants to be felt. This thing—that in reality cannot even be described as a thing or physicality—pushes against me, begging me to realize the fullness of what it is. In those moments, where I have desired nothing more than to exist as a whisper, I feel it pulsating at the back of my heart. I very clearly sense this thing that is omnipresent; within and without all that exists. And matter, with its absolutist attitude, pulls me back in defiance, urging me to ignore all thoughts of sanity to abandon the illusion. However, Spirit, like light, cannot be held. Matter cannot contain me.

Ekhart Tolle explains this concept like so: “Most people, in their restless search for something significant to happen to them, continuously miss the insignificant, which may not be insignificant at all. The philosopher Nietzsche, in a rare moment of deep stillness, wrote, ‘For happiness, how little suffices for happiness! . . . the least thing precisely, the gentlest thing, the lightest thing, a lizard’s rustling, a breath, a wisk, an eye glance — little maketh up the best happiness. Be still.’ Why is it the ‘least thing’ that makes up ‘the best happiness’? Because true happiness is not caused by the thing or event, although this is how it first appears. The thing or event is so subtle, so unobtrusive, that it takes up only a small part of your consciousness—and the rest is inner space, consciousness itself unobstructed by form.”

Consciousness, that which we attempt to describes and name, is unnamable.

Because our bodies are made of Spirit, it is easy to believe that our bodies are containing Spirit the way a glass holds water. However, Spirit exists outside of time and space, and therefore cannot be bound. What Eckhart Tolle is describing is that which is outside of, and yet simultaneously within our experiences. In the tangles of our human thought, we are unable to perceive that consciousness. It is only visible, or feel-able, to those who have the eyes to perceive it. In this space, a space outside of time, true reality is revealed and the true perception is felt—but only in between space, thought, and substance. Although it is not contained within form, the gateway that leads us there is contained within our heart.

Do Not Trust Atoms: They Make up Everything.

I found this picture while surfing my Facebook feed and I thought it contained a grand philosophical truth. Whether the author of the joke meant it or not, the words have multiple meanings. On one hand it is making a joke about how atoms “make up” everything, and there for lie. The second meaning to this statement is one of irony. Because atoms literally make up gross material matter, one literally cannot trust them. Atoms in and of themselves are illusive, because they are the very building blocks of the illusion of Maya (or the material world). Therefore, atoms are the illusion and what is making up—pretending to be—physical matter.

Do not put your trust in atoms. Rather, put your faith in Spirit. The material world is constrictive and binding, but Spirit is free. The material world beckons us to attachments that cage us; Spirit beckons us to a limitless infinity with no boundaries. Spirit is always calling to us, begging us to abandon our worldly worries and attachments and play with the infinite, all pervading Spirit that radiates pure love and joy. Spirit begs us to turn inward and discover the gateway within the heart, where we can rest in the unbounded realm of God.

When we enter this realm, we discover the truth; that the material, gross world is a lie, and all our visions of religion, politics, and even Heaven are but vain images of the ego based mind that is so controlled by material matter that it is unable to perceive the true freedom that awaits us. We envision a great white man with a long white beard sitting on a throne ruling over us, ready to judge us at the drop of a hat as our souls stand at the gates of judgment. But this unrefined misidentification is the mind controlling our perceptions and jousting us away from Spirit. We must not fall prey to the ever persistent Maya. We must not yield to the prison.

The best way to break from the chains that bind is to contemplate deeply the meaning of freedom. Learn to experience words as feelings and sense their underlying energies that exist in your own unique consciousness. Every person perceives everything in reality differently, but most do perceive them as absolute. One person’s idea of beauty is not the same as another, but most likely both will hold to their ideals of beauty with every atom in their being. The same goes for religion and politics. Their identities are placed so squarely on their beliefs that, although different, remain ever fixed and unyielding. To know this as truth, all one has to do is read the comments section in a highly politicized article. Even in articles that appear harmless, this bickering and latching to beliefs with jagged blades exists. It’s the trap.

To experience true freedom, you have to break away from the trap and realize the simplicity that is Spirit. The devil is in the details, so leave them alone. Complexity is not necessary. Just relax and let yourself sense the beauty and subtlety that is Spirit through simple living, being, and thinking. There is no need to hound at the “what ifs” until you are black and blue. Because what Eckhart describes is truly simple; you will experience Spirit when you finally sit back and simply rest. So rest.

In Love, Service, and Remembrance of Self,


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