Living with Purpose; Don't Worry About Finding It, You Are It

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If you look around, you notice everyone is trying to discover their purpose. We talk about purpose as if it is something outside of us that we must, nay we need to achieve, because our life will never be complete or happy until we do.

I say stop trying to discover your purpose, because your are your purpose. Your purpose has been, and always will be, with you. Every moment of every day, you are living your purpose. Your purpose came into existence the moment of your creation. Every breath and heartbeat, every thought that passes through your mind, every word you speak and every action you take is all a part of your purpose.

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"But," you say, "I want to discover what makes my heart sing. What is that, if not purpose?"

To that I say when you do things that make your heart sing, all that is happening is you are connecting with a place inside of you where your purpose already exists. You feel you are living more purposefully and more consciously; when that happens, we put a word on it “purpose”.

You say “Oh! I must be living my purpose NOW!” Then when you no longer do that thing that connected you to your sense of purpose, you are back to feeling unfulfilled. You see the conundrum? In thinking that doing something will make you be of purpose, you are always denying your purpose and treating yourself unkindly and with very little self-worth. Imagine how that state of being is putting you into situations where you are always being underappreciated and undervalued?

The reason I think this is so important to distinguish is because most of us think we cannot be happy or fulfilled until we’ve found or are doing a purpose. Nothing you desire is ever outside of you. It’s all within. Your purpose is existing now in every moment and when you tap into that, you will suddenly find that you feel purposeful, and every action you take will become more deliberate, more conscious, more aware, and more genuine and true to who you are. You will go from being a people pleaser, thinking everything you need is outside of you, to being a you pleaser. That doesn’t mean you will become selfish, it just means you will stop wearing yourself down to a nib trying to make everyone else happy in order to make yourself happy when all you need to do is discover the happiness of being you.

The Western world does not teach us that we live our purpose just by being. It teaches us to seek out and discover meaning outside of us. It teaches us to be driven toward careers and goals and…

That’s all fine and good, but when you spend your life looking outside of you for happiness and a sense of purpose, then you will never feel satisfied. Once you realize the power of your very being—you as a being of consciousness and self, and your state of beingness—then you will realize just how purposeful you actually are.

Because just being you is purpose. Just living and exploring and discovering, moving from moment to moment in curiosity and self-discovery is you living your purpose. You have only been tricked into thinking it isn’t.

Now what happens when you actually discover this and tap into that purposeful energy? That’s when you gain the true control of commanding your outer circumstances and when you can start really commanding in that dream career or discovering what lights you up. It's when setting goals goes from draining to exciting and invigorating. It’s when you realize that this world is a playground and your only true dharma is to simply be and unfold. You live and feel your purpose, so the universe receives this and mirrors it back to you. You see? You have to give what you desire in order to receive.

Ms Moon Blog Purpose Allison Carpenter Advice

I don’t mean giving anything physical. I mean give a state of being. Because the universe is your dance partner, mirroring to you the same moves you are mirroring to it. If you want to feel more purposeful, go within and acknowledge the purpose that exists in your very being. All outer things can simply be used as tools to help you get there, if you feel it is needed.

Meditation, prayer, mantra, yoga, Tarot, Oracle, crystals, etc. can offer you wisdom and reveal to you what parts of yourself you are denying, so that you can witness your purpose. While these are, in effect, outer tools, you can still honor those tools as you work with them to understand and unlayer the parts of yourself that are hidden.

For me, I realized a huge aspect of myself that was hidden from my own sense of purpose was play, happiness, lightness, pleasure, and laughter. I used to think life was meant to be heavy and all I focused on was my heavy feelings. As I began to witness and experience my emotions (a practice I highly recommend for unlayering the stacks hiding the true you from you), I realized the original feeling I buried deep within myself was my inner joy and inner carefree child who had been denied joy, laughter, and pleasure. I layered those heavy feelings on top of myself because I thought toughening my skin would protect me from life.

Let me repeat: I thought toughening my “skin” would PROTECT ME FROM LIFE!

And it did.

It did protect me from life. I literally stopped living life. I receded and hid and dug myself a deep trench and stuck myself in it. That trench was meant to be a barrier but it became my prison. Once I realized this, I made myself wings using the tools around me (meditation, kundalini/bhakti yoga, my Goddess oracle deck) and flew out. When I got out, the world suddenly felt beautiful, open, and equally scary. But I was alive! I felt my sense of purpose in my being and the truths I had been deeply trying to understand suddenly made sense because I was no longer seeing them from the bottom of my trench wrapped in my tough and heavy skin!

Ms Moon Blog Purpose Allison Carpenter Advice

So if you want to discover your purpose, go within and find what is layered over your sense of purpose and your self-worth of knowing yourself as purpose. This literally has nothing to do with what you are doing, but what you are being, so be conscious of not get caught up in the tornado psychology of trying to fix everything about what you do. Just give yourself the space to unlayer in a space of love and self-compassion, and use the tools in your toolkit to aid you. Use your own intuition to take action when you feel inspired. Allow yourself to see the true you that is buried beneath the protective layers you have built over the years.

I will be expanding on this topic in my next blog when I discuss the way we can lean into our sense of purpose by bending and surrendering into the natural unfoldment of life from moment to moment.

In Love and Service,


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