Life is Strange

"Hypnosis" from the coloring book "Down to Earth" by Srimati

Life just might be one of the strangest experiences of all time. I'm often floored by this mystical experience, with its deranged characters and morbid agendas that paradoxically shed light on darkness and prompt an inner quest of the natural man for enlightenment. Can darkness truly be called a bad thing? It is this "bad thing" that brings us awareness of the shadows that creep and linger within the chasms of our hearts and minds, and with awareness comes our own propulsion toward a more harmonic state of existence wherein we dissect and remove that which holds us in chaos. This weird and strange and confusing life becomes our guru—that which takes us from darkness to light.

I think what baffles me the most is how sometimes I can feel so completely at peace with myself that I swear if I died right then and there, I would have no regrets and I would be able to dissolve into eternity in utter surrender. And yet at other times I am ridiculed and tormented by the darkness that dwells inside of me to the point of insanity, reminding me of the chiseling and polishing yet to be done. It is a batch of work that even the smuggest and most accomplished bureaucrat would lament over. There is a side of me that wants to throw in the towel and be done with it, but another side of me that says "no one is allowed to quit, not even the quitters" and keeps pushing me forward into the darkness for the soul purpose of showering light on the murkiness of my consciousness. Saying “clear yourself!”

We are all on the same quest; your fall is my fall and my fall is your fall. We at times may feel we are all alone, but everyone on this muddled and daft rock is experiencing the same thing in varieties of unique expressions. It's easy to lament over one's lot in life, forgetting the plights and troubles of our neighbors. True compassion teaches us to open our hearts to the experiences of others and reach to them with understanding and love over judgment; to experience a unity consciousness where our consciousness blends with consciousness of all and we identify with the one over the individual. But many of us get so caught up in the wheels and cogs of this material plain that judgment becomes our state of being.

Judgment is the opposite of the living waters of life. Judgment is the glue that binds us to our ego and the illusion of separateness. It is a thing of the miserly, yet oddly a necessity in weeding out our own demons to reach that grand conclusion. On this crazy and winding path, we are guided into the darkness of judgment in order to free us from it. All “things”, which we often attach ourselves to, are only necessary until they aren’t. Even meditation is simply a vehicle that gets us there, but once we are there, we can step out of the vehicle forever. There are many, many varieties of vehicles and we are all living that every day, playing a role inside a vehicle only to someday shed that role like snake skin.

So my advice is: don’t cling to your roles and possessions as if they are your sole identity. And don’t cling to your identity as if it is all there is in life. Learn to be the happy observer and let go when it’s time to let go, or life will do it for you. And that’s never an easy thing. There’s more to it. Because life is a dual expression; with every joy comes a sorrow. Let lose the latchet and open yourself to the tides of change without fear. Embrace the emotions of even your darkest moments, because those emotions are revealing something very crucial that will ultimately redeem you of your deepest suffering.


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