The Unfolding of Life

Life is an Unfolding

Life is an Unfolding. This truth is so potent and rich. So often we are eager to get from point A to point Z without allowing all the points in between.

What are the points in between?

The points, and the unfolding, is where the magic and the transformation exists. It’s beautiful and lovely and raw and real. Every space in the unfolding process is an opportunity and in line with our expansion and contraction cycles.

Every experience is a brick on the path.

There is no path we follow, even if it seems so. We create the path as life unfolds and we lay the bricks down to walk as we go. Life is an exploration and an adventure. We carry the shears to cut through rubble and branches of obstacles that block our way, and we carry the tools to lay the brick down. Our life is the frontier, and not one to be conquered, but one to be molded and made love to. One to be in surrender and openness to.

There is no vulnerability, only truth. What feels vulnerable is just the fear of exposure, and that fear, like all fears, is not real. It’s a byproduct of the falsehoods that exist in our subconscious realm; the shadow realm of darkness. Once one opens to surrender, one sees that vulnerability is the shadow aspect of surrender; the aspect that is based on the perception of the mind. In short it is a judgment about being open.

But surrender. Surrender is the call of the soul. It is the space where consciousness meets love and mystery–where truth unfolds. Surrender is the cracking of the shell that surrounds the heart and it is the bowing down to the beauty and revelry of our purest and truest self.

Life unfolds. Life unfolds that we might live it and be it and become it. Becoming is a cycle of nature and a gift of the Divine Mother. Unfolding exists within and, paradoxically, outside of time, for unfolding is a thing of experience and flow.

Life unfolds to give us the opportunity to dance in creation. To play and act and exist in a space of identity. To allow us the ability to create our art. Life is a performance art of our soul.

Life unfolds. Allow it. Stop fighting and bend into the surrender.

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