Life is a Process

In process art piece: Echinacea Goddess

Just as the unfolding of life is a performance art of the soul, so too is process, for process and unfolding are inextricably linked. Process in and of itself is the unfolding of our art.

As an artist, I am all too familiar with process. It is taught in schools and artists and designers quickly become best friends with process. We learn about the process of our art and learn to identify what stage that process is in.

This allows us the freedom to exist in that process without anxiety for the completion. I feel very deeply that destination anxiety is the killer of creativity and productivity in the space of process. It’s the flashy distraction of an end point that steals from us the moment of transformation and alchemy.

But, dear ones, here is what process truly is and what process gives us:

Process is the freedom to make mistakes.

When you feel trapped inside of yourself and eager for the destination, you give yourself very little room to make mistakes. Everything feels tense; as though there is too much at stake. But consider for a moment that mistakes are okay. Release your judgment for them and give yourself the freedom to mess up. Forgive yourself when you do. See how a mistake is a learning opportunity, if for nothing else, for self-compassion.

Even though process is the freedom to make mistakes, it is also the act of perfecting. In its light form, it is perfecting without shame and judgment.

You have nothing to be ashamed of. Process can’t exist without making mistakes. Holding shame and judgement simply fuels the fire of our mishaps and holds us down from our divinity.

Process is infinite in scope.

The fall into love is endless and infinite, and so too is the fall into perfection. Ask any master of an art if they have perfected their craft and they will inevitably say no. There is always room for improvement. Expansion in the cosmos is never ending, so too is ours. When we deny ourselves our process, we put ourselves in a box with no room to grow.

And truthfully, despite doing this, that box will eventually shatter.

So learn to fall in love with the process, because it is infinite. There really isn’t a destination out there, there is only here and now, which is our home and place of being. Rather than becoming obsessed with perfection and the destination, focus on the “process of becoming” and fall in love with it.

Process is alive and breathing, like the breath, it is in and out. It is weaving, stitching together, and binding. It is also taking apart, reshaping and molding.

It is an act of transformation.

It is heart and soul and conscious creation. It is loving, being, living.

Process is alive within us; it is an eternal companionship. It is us moving, desiring, climbing, reaching, wanting to self-express.

And this is why process is a performance art of the soul. It is a dance and an act of the soul’s desire to materialize and play.

Dear one, allow the process of your life to become alive inside of you, for this will transform into a fire of passion and purpose that can drive you through the fears, the doubts, and the desire to dissolve away from life. It will allow you to finally live.


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