Getting in Touch with the Feminine, Nurturing Spirit

"Nourish Through Nature" Cosmic Philosophy Art by Srimati

When one thinks of the Divine Feminine, generally Mother Nature is the first thing that comes to mind. For others it may be Goddesses such as those personified in Greek mythology, Hindu mythology, and other Eastern and African cultures. Regardless, generally the main thing we think of when we think of Mother is nurturing and nourishment.

The Divine Feminine for me is a very sacred energy that covers all things nurturing and loving. For example, I believe with my heart that the loving Holy Spirit is the Divine Feminine nurturing us through a sacred love that is felt wholly in the heart space. That nourishment comes in many forms, but all of us have nourishment. We are sustained in way or another. And—this of course is very important—in every way that we are sustained, we are all sustained 100% in the highest way that will lead us to our highest path; even if it appears that one person has more nourishment than the other. All of us are experiencing the nourishment we need in order to fulfill our highest purpose.

This is because nature IS nourishment. Think about it. Everything in existence is food. It is nourishing others in way or another. To grok this truth (which has many, many layers) is the key to really existing in harmony and peace with EVERYTHING.

Nourishment. Begin to look at everything in your life that way and watch it transform. See the ways you are being nourished. It is invisible and subtle.

How many of you have felt this feeling; when everything seems to be going wrong? Everything in life might be out of balance, chaotic, and ungrounded. Maybe your house foreclosed on you. Maybe you lost your job. Or worse, maybe someone very close to you died. Tragic, challenging events have blown through your life like a hurricane, ripping holes in your security. Suddenly you are left feeling naked and exposed.


In this place, you begin to feel trapped by your vulnerability, and you struggle and struggle and struggle to feel more grounded and secure. You just want every to be okay and back to normal.

This too is nourishment. It is nourishing us for something greater than we can ever know in our smallness as ego identifying beings.

That is the highest purpose for all of us; to walk our path, our journey, and receive the nourishment that is our experience, our environment, all of it, necessary to sustain us. Material nature and our embodiment is soul food. Everything that exists in the material universe is food and nourishment for everything else. It is symbiotically sustaining.

How Can You Experience True Nourishment?

See how the Divine, the universe is nourishing you, caring for you, and providing for you. Bow to the Universe and see the marvelous and miraculous ways it is always working for you, feeding you. Step into the flow.

Let your life flow in a place of reverence and holiness. That is the manifestation of true gratitude; when you can witness with reverence the nourishing body of God. As the philosophy in India goes, see everything as the Mother.

In Love, Service, and Remembrance of Self,


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