Gender Exists for Pleasure

"Eternal Dance" by Srimati copywrite 2014

Gender exists for pleasure. Masculine and Feminine essence are in an ecstatic dance with one another. They exist for a reason and for the purpose of orgasmic creation (yes that orgasm during intercourse happens for a reason). Feminine source is the pleasure potency of source. What does this mean?

It means that feminine embodiment is based in pleasure. It's based in connecting with a source of energy that IS ecstatic, alive, and active, and in total rapture and ecstasy for being. It means embracing being embodied and engaging with that embodiment.

As women who identify with feminine essence, we experience the most enjoyment from connecting with feminine essence and playing with her ecstatic, activating, loving spirit. We experience the most fulfillment and wellness when we connect to our bodies and root ourselves into our womb; when we allow ourselves to connect with our yonis and engage our root (the mula bandha). In the very least, we need this because we cycle and rely on our body connection to cycle in a healthy way. We need to be connected and in touch with our bodies to communicate with the body's needs.

These are the feminine mysteries that are not necessarily taught about openly in most religions. They are hidden. Thus, many western women have never been taught how to worship in a way that actually fuels them. In many cultures, they are handed down from generation to generation, but in our western world we have lost connection with this generational wisdom. I don't need to tell you what has happened instead, because most of us women have lived that and have experienced it.

Instead of talking about the way these things victimize us and engaging it from a space of "wrong", let me show you what it looks like to engage from a space of wellness:

What happens when we play and dance with the Goddess?

Ecstasy, potency, fragrance. We bloom into our heart.

When we inhabit our womb and enter into the state of our own wellness, we are no longer fighting life. We truly live for the first time. We love and accept our body and love the experience of being in a body. We embrace our sensuality and dance to the rhythm of our internal Feminine Divine.

And she unveils to us her mysteries: her potency and her beauty. We become entranced by her rhythmatic mystique.

We are able to fully connect to our purest identity; Love.

Feminine Divine will always guide us to her Beloved, the reason for her being; her masculine counterpart whom she is ONE with. They are not complete without the other. Form cannot exist without Essence and Essence cannot individuate without form. She dances and plays with us to introduce us to her other half so we can experience Divine Union. Union of the heart. We come to know the Divine Masculine as He penetrates and permeates our being.

And the result is: we heal. We heal from the belief of pain, loneliness, and emptiness. We see that we are filled with immense love and deep connection and that we always have been.

Gender is not a war. It only becomes a war when we approach gender from a broken consciousness paradigm. This is a condition of the human experience and does not touch on the purity of Masculine and Feminine Essence that is Source; God/Goddess, I Am.

Root in your womb and follow the fragrance of your heart. It will guide you home to Divine Love.

In love and service,


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