The Message of Mercy

A question to ask yourself given any desire for justice is: Do I desire justice or vengeance?

If you desire justice, that equates to both parties healing and becoming whole. True justice is an act of mercy and compassion. It equates to you trusting the natural laws and order of the universe to deliver that healing in whatever form the universe deems most effective (karma). Sometimes that means the perpetrator will endure effect in this life. Sometimes not. Regardless, healing is the focus of and desire of the effect.

If you desire vengeance, your desire is for the suffering of the perpetrator equivalent to or worse than the suffering of the victim. An eye for an eye. A curse.

We can learn from the teachings of the lineage of Christ, the mercy of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, which is that forgiveness, healing, unconditional love, and mercy trumps the old laws of an eye for an eye and cursing one another. Jesus taught us what we do to others we actually do to ourselves.

People who seek vengeance as a means of justice walk away feeling worse than they did before because vengeance does not lead to healing. It just creates more pain. This is why forgiveness is not about the perpetrator, it's about the victim and their healing process. Keep in mind all perpetrators are likely identifying with victim and stepped into perpetrator as a means of attempting to quail pain, but all that did was lead them to create pain. Do you see how it is a pain cycle?

Healing is an inward journey and is an action of stepping into wholeness. It's an act of ending a pain cycle by no longer identifying with it. It is an act of being reborn, liberated, and free. In the perpetrator/victim relationship, both parties will inevitably have to move through this process, but one should not base their healing on the other party changing. That would be self defeating.

The Message of Mercy, by the way, is that every sinner is actually a saint with amnesia.

In Love and Service,

Srimati ♥

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