The Alchemy of Being

If you stand for something, there is no need to fight it's opposite. Just be what you want to be. Radiate you and be there in love. Be kind. Be joyful. Be completely and totally your truest Self in your skin. It's so infectious that it has the power to change everything.

Fighting others and expecting them to change their mind spreads more fight and extends the battle field. Yielding to love transforms the battlefield into something else altogether.

Your power to be love is the greatest power in existence.

Love is transformative and being in the love, others cannot help but be changed by you. Many great masters, teachers, and saints undertood this truth: Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr., and Jesus Christ, just to name a few.

We'd do well to learn to recognize when something is and is not for us; when an identity is and is not for us and that the existence of one identity does not invalidate the existence of the other.

If you come across something that does not resonate, simply move on. There is no need to engage in its energy and battle it, unless dharma dictates it (such as being a police officer or a soldier). And even then, you can engage in "battle" without being in the energy of a battle (The Bhagavad Gita is a holy book that explains this philosophy).

Dharma means righteousness, or right path. Every person has their own unique Dharmic imprint and life path and what is right for one person is not going to be right for another. Yet many of us get into a righteous space and expect others to conform to our ideas of what is right.

But what if there is no right? No wrong? What if everything in existence is as it should be; all working together for the Good.

Infinity is infinite so of course are the expressions of that infinity. So many of us spend our time fighting an idea or a paradigm because we don't want it to be our paradigm, and we somehow think if we can battle and dismantle the paradigm we don't want, that will somehow save us from it.

Or we try to assimilate everyone into our way while righteously proclaiming our way is the: high way, right way, only way.

The battle is what keeps us engaged with what we don't actually want. The act of righteously proclaiming our way to be THE RIGHT way is alienating and makes zero room for diversity and Infinite expression.

What we are seeking is beingness in a way we came here to self express (dharma). I myself express myself through a feminine embodiment in relationship with masculine energy (God). If I spend all of my time battling against the thing that I believe is oppressing this expression, I am not spending any of my precious time being it.

What do you desire TO BE? What do you desire to express? Can you express and be it juxtaposed to the opposite in total acceptance without trying to change that opposite it to fit your ideal?

One is a fighter energy the other is expansive and makes space for.

One does not love and accept and the other values the role of all.

The integral nature of all. The way we are each individual playing roles for the good of all...for the transformation, expansion, and coming home to Love of all.

Your way of engaging with the Divine is not for everyone, but that does not make it invalid. And vice versa. Love invites us to play, engage with, and expand. An invitation is not an act of force, yet so many of us perceive invitations as being oppressive and finite.

An invitation is all about choice. You choose. Always and all ways.

The alchemy of being is simple: you will experience harmony in your being when you allow yourself to express the way you came here to express without oppressing it.

When you be exactly who you know in your heart you were meant to be without apologizing, without being defensive, or without trying to prove anything.

In Love and Service,

Srimati ♥

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