As Man Creates, Natures Creates; As Man Destroys, Nature Destroys

"I Am in All" Acrylic Painting by Srimati

As Man creates, natures creates.

This truth may be difficult to grok and difficult to hold, as it speaks to the wild animal inside of us all. When you get angry at others for violence, eating meat and killing animals, it stems from an inherent rejection of mother nature and the natural course of nature. It is a rejection of nature and its inherent wildness and ugly brutality. Nature at its core is a process of consumption and nourishment. Everything is designed to nourish and be consumed. It is designed to change and shift and be recycled. Nothing is wasted. Nothing is out of order. Nothing is out of alignment with nature. Nothing is wrong with nature and nothing is wrong with you. You are always living your nature. And nature is primal. Even when you are in a cold office building, you are still in the middle of nature because you, nature, created that. And that too is nature. You are never not in a state of oneness with nature. Nature is you no matter what you are being. Nature is you and you are contained within nature. Everything a human does is nature. Created by and for nature. Nature is yes and... Violent and... Beautiful and... Ugly and... Angry and... Messy and... Pristine and... Destructive and... Creative and... Fill in the blank. Nature is not singular. It is not one thing. It is not only clean, good, and wholesome. Nature can poison you. It can eat you. It can burn you. It can crush you. And... Do you see? Nature is not good or evil. People assume they are not apart of this process of destruction, consumption, and recycling because they deify nature as if it is all the good, pristine, beautiful and holy. But that which created pure water also created oil and fossil fuels.

Every one is a part of this process. Because everyone is nature. We all have contained within us a wild, violent beast. Why do you think your beast is any more tamed than another? Why do you think nature is not human? The distortion here is that humans have within there mind contained an idea that they are in fact outside of nature or above nature or even below and that simply is not true. This distortion leads to the idea that everything man does is against nature. Or that it is outside of nature or that it is cut off from nature. What if everything that man creates is similar to an ant nest? What if man is violent and benevolent and both are nature? The distortion is that predators are bad and prey are good. But that is not true. As Man creates, natures creates. As man destroys, nature destroys.

"Spirited" Acrylic Painting by Srimati

If you can grok this, you can hold it all--that is you can truly witness it and allow it without rejecting any part of it. If you can hold it all, it will crack you open to the purest, most beautiful aspect of nature; instinct and intuition. We become one with nature and accept her for all that She is. In doing so, you accept yourself for all that you are and begin to see the Divine peeking through the other side.

Because at the end of the day, what nature is, is a bridge. A bridge to the other side.

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