Amazing Grace

"Amazing Grace" Cosmic Philosophy Art by Srimati

Relationship to guru is unexplainable. But I suppose if I did have to put into a word, it would be grace.

And grace to me means redepemption…

Grace is invisible, non-tangible REDEMPTION, FREEDOM, LIBERATION.

It is the spark, the indescribable ecstatic feeling and POTENCY of making contact with Divinity, where the ego surrenders and bows. It is called Wahe Guru. The ecstasy and the sublime (contained in a MOMENT) of going from darkness and entering the light; of being brought to one’s knees by the sheer sublime nature of the All: I Am that I Am.

It is the infinitesimal moment of God Realization contained in a small spark that is gifted to the devotee, not through the devotee’s worthiness or something they do “right”, but through the goodness and mercy of the Divine, mirroring the devotee as the devotee lays down their unworthiness, unforgiveness, and all emotions.

Lay it all down and offer it up to Divinity/Creator.

By surrender.

In Love, Service, and Remembrance,


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